Agha Noor Naz Advocate

at 520 × 644 in Shield Holders

A soft spoken Human Rights activist. After Law graduation with post graduate degree in economics, she joined legal profession in 1984. She is having flourishing legal practice at Karachi, besides actively struggling for Human Rights of women, children and minorities since her entry in legal profession. To achieve her mission, she started taking multi dimensional part in Karachi Bar activities and remained elected member of Sindh Bar Council and Disciplinary Committee from 1995 to 2000. She has also been Vice Chairperson, Sindh Bar Council during 2005 and again became member Sindh Bar Council from 2005 to 2009. Had also been member Executive Committee Sindh Bar Council for the year 2006. Founder Council Member and Vice Chairperson Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, President Human Rights International Alliance Pakistan and Organizer Asia pacific. She has been Secretary General All Pakistan Women Lawyers Association from 2004-2007 and is Member Central Executive Committee Sindh Graduate Association (SGA). In connection with Human Rights, she attended a course in International Human Rights Laws for Lawyers, Judges and Legal Practitioners of Asia in 1995 with Utrecht University in Netherlands and France. Besides she visited USA (twice), UK (London) thrice, Switzerland (Geneva), Nepal (Khatmandu) and Indonesia (Jakarta) to attend Seminars/Workshops on Human Rights. She is Award Recipient – 2002 from United Nations Association – America on Human Rights and Legal Aid to Human Rights Victims. Provided legal aid to a large number of women, victims of Human Rights in illegal detention and death cases in custody and bonded agriculture laborers/haris. Born on 1st July 1960 in historic city of Hyderabad, she is a lady with vast and versatile experience on Human Rights, fighting for the protection of Human Rights of deprived fellow human beings.


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