BHURGURI,Rais-e-Azam, Ghulam Mohammad Khan

at 216 × 263 in Luminaries

A prominent and influential personality of Hyderabad, immensely interested in the overall welfare of the people of Sindh, and more especially of the Muslims. He was the first to clamor for the compulsory free education and in this connection moved the ‘Muslim Education Cess Bill’ (to recover just one ‘pie’ per rupee for this purpose) in the then Bombay Legislative Assembly (This move was strenuously opposed and defeated by the Zamindars and other vested interests who feared the possible dangers of spreading education, especially amongst the Haris and landless -labourers).

His relentless efforts brought in more grants to the Local Boards, besides more facilities to the cultivators and drastic improvements in the conditions of irrigation canals and roads Also clamored for many other welfare causes and liberally helped the needy more especially the poor litigants and the students.

A dedicated worker of the Khilafat Movement, and a Freedom-fighter he was loved and highly respected and had a large followers from almost every community. A highly principled man, with immense love for mankind and the country.
CV: Bar-at-Law, A leading Advocate of Sindh.

*Jamseabad, Hyderabad…**Hyderabad 1924


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